Best food for leopard gecko: Josh’s Frogs Waxworms vs Dubia Roaches 500 Small

Leopard geckos are insectivorous reptiles, so their staple food is insects. Anything that wiggles or moves in front of leopard geckos with encouraging them to eat. Due to this, you should provide live insects for leopard gecko.

But what is the ideal leopard gecko food that you should serve your pets? Here are two of the best food for leopard gecko which many keepers prefer to feed their leopard geckos with Dubia Roaches 500 small vs  Josh’s Frogs Waxworms.

#1 Fresh ingredient

Natural, live insects are always contained much higher nutrient content, have better flavor and also encourage hunting instinct, which makes leopard gecko eating more. Fresh food is the best diet for leopard gecko. It has a shorter time of preservative, live insects even can die in the delivery process, but it is absolutely better for your pets than freeze-dried or dehydrated food.

Dubia roaches are expensive and difficult to find. So many keepers who prefer to use it as the staple food for leopard geckos, have to breed these roaches themselves. But if you do not have time for this work, will provide a great source of live dubia roaches for you. It is also a package with extra weight in grams to cover for the dead and undersized roaches.

Josh’s Frogs Waxworm is guarantee live arrival with fast shipping. They are delivered in temperature from 0F to 85F. Ensure that quality waxworms will arrive alive, even when the weather is cold. Live Waxworms are shipped from Monday to Thursday.

#2 Nutrient Value

Nutritional Information of Josh’s Forgs Waxworms are: Moisture 61.73%, Fat 22.19%, Protein 15.50%, Fiber 7.69%, Ash 1.02%, Ca ppm 283, P ppm 2161, CA/P ratio 0.131%.

Due to the high content of fat, It can be a problem if you feeding your geckos primarily waxworms. It is unhealthy and not a balanced diet since eating lots of waxworms can lead to the risk of obesity for your pets.

Waxworms should only be fed to leopard geckos occasionally as treat. When your geckos are anorexia and refuse to eat, you can use waxworms ore mix it with a salad to encourage them it more. Only offer waxworms for once or twice per week max.

Nutritional value of Dubia Roaches for leopard are: Moisture 65.6%, Fat 7.2%, Protein 23.4%, Fiber 2.9%, Ash 1.2%, Ca ppm 800, P ppm 2600, CA/P ratio 0.308%.

Since dubia roaches are high in protein and quite low in fat, dubia roaches not only tasty food but also a healthy diet for leopard geckos. Besides, they also offer high calcium to phosphorus ratio, extremely long lifespan, gut-loads very well, which makes roaches ideal food for leopard geckos.