How To Properly Use A Terrarium Humidifier?

If you are keeping reptiles, provide them a proper environment absolutely the first priority. Reptiles require an appropriate tank size as well as heating and lighting systems.

But there is one thing that many reptile keepers often overlooked is maintaining proper humidity levels in the terrarium.

Humidity is essential for your reptile’s survival. You should choose a terrarium humidifier that is appropriate for your tank and last for a long time.

According to the study, a humid environment is vital not only for comfort but also help reptiles shed their skin, incubate eggs, and stay healthy.

Things you should know when using reptile humidifier

There are really lots of benefits that the best reptile humidifiers bring to reptile terrarium. But this does not mean that you have to turn the humidifier constantly all the time.

The humidity levels in the reptile’s natural environment also fluctuate at different times of the day. Therefore, you should set up the humidifier for running on a period of time that is enough for your reptiles.

In order to ensure the humidity levels are always in the permitted, you will need to check the humidity levels by using a hygrometer. The hydrometer will measure the amount of humidity in the air.

In the shedding and breeding process, the reptile will need more moisture. They also need a higher level of humidity in cold weather than in warm weather.  In those periods of time, ensure that you will increase the humidity levels in their tank.

However, humidity levels too high in a long time can cause some health problems for your pets. So you should usually keep your eyes in hydrometer or get the best reptile fogger that contains a timer.

You have to keep your humidifier always clean in order to prevent the growth of molds, germs, and bacteria. The humidifier that not frequently cleaned can be a good condition for bacteria growth and cause harmful effects on your reptile health.

There are also some types of humidifiers available that come with hose attachments. Under the wrong way of installed or maintained, these hoses also can be the areas for bacteria growth.

Slopping all the water out of the tank, rinsing the bash and let them dry for every day. Cleaning all the parts of a humidifier at least once per week.