Do You Really Need LED Aquarium Light?

LED aquarium light.

The advantages of LED aquarium lighting

The best LED aquarium lighting uses much less energy: In comparison with the other bulbs for aquarium, the LED lighting takes less up to 80% of energy to run than other bulbs. It will make a difference in the cost you have to pay for energy.

LED lighting does not heat up the aquarium water: While fluorescent light bulbs produce much amount of heat and het up the water, the amount that LED lights will produce not much enough to make the temperature in the tank higher.

They are long life: One of the most outstanding points of LED lights is that they will last for a very long time. You can expect to use the LED lights for up to 50,000 hours (about 6 years); while some traditional types of lighting such as incandescent bulbs just last for 2-4 months.

Therefore, although LED lights will more expensive the fact that you will save more money that you may have to pay for replacing bubs.

Adjustable light intensity: LED light can be dimmed slowly when the sunset and also slowly brightened when sunrise by programmed.

This can mimic and remain the day and night cycle in the aquarium and particularly ideal for nocturnal fish. Moreover, you can regulate the light intensity by remote or app.

Safe to use: There are ultra-violet lights that contain fluorescent lights. LED lights do not emit or contain any mental filament or ultraviolet-light.

Limitations of Led aquarium lighting

#1 Unavailability:

Many beginners prefer to buy an aquarium kit but normally, this kit does not offer LED lights. These kits only provide standard fluorescent light bulbs.

#2 Cost:

LED lights tend to take more cost than other traditional bulbs especially if they come with some modern functions.

#3 Use for planted aquariums:

Another drawback of LED lights is that not every LED light fixtures will suitable for planted aquariums. For the plants that require high light intensity, you will need to look for good LED lighting options.