What is the best large ferret litter box?

If you decide to keep a ferret, you must be constantly taking care of them, feeding them and also cleaning their cage. However, you can simplify your work of cleaning by teaching your ferret how to use their litter box. Ferrets are very smart animals, you just need to purchase on the best ferret litter box to makes potty training easier.

It can be a challenge when looking for the ferret litter box as not all the box on the market are large enough to accommodate a ferret, especially of you are own larger ferrets. Here are some biggest options of ferret litter box that you can found on the market.

#1 Nature’s Miracle Advanced High Sided Corner Litter Box  

This is the largest litter box in this list with the dimensions are 26-inch by 23-inch by 10-inch. It is surely that this box is big enough for even largest ferrets. It 10 inches high sides to prevent messes and leaks from spraying.

It is designed with non-stick surface for easy to clean, prevent litter caking and odor build up. Odor blocking features make it against odors caused by bacteria, mold and mildew. Besides, it also prevents odors from urine is absorbed into the surface.

#2 Kaytee Hi-Corner Litter Pan, Large, Assorted colors

This is the litter box that is designed to place on the corners of their cage or home. It has the great dimensions for ferrets. The size is 13 x 20 x 10 inches, which make it great for ferrets or all ages. The front side is lowered while the others sides are high. The sides are high enough and keep the litter mess up inside.

I really high appreciate the construction of this pan as it strong, sturdy and has a unique design. It is also stain and odour-resistant, what make it easy to clean. You just need to wash it with soap or wipe with cloth.

#3 Marshall Ferret Litter Pan    

Marshall Ferret Litter Pan comes with 2 versions are high back and lock on. Both of these versions are offer a plenty room for your ferret to defecate and pee with a high back side to prevent your pet from accident and keep the mess only inside the litter pan.

The best thing about this product is that you can place inside and outside of the cage. However, you must have the large cage as the size and the shape of this litter pan will take you a lot of room inside the cage. Both high back and lock-on versions offer high corners to prevent spill but the different is that the lock on has lock mechanism to secure the litter pan and the high back version is available is three different colors. Besides, the bottom is deep enough to contain lots of litter so you can use it for more than one ferret.

The drawbacks are that the hinge is poorly construct and its design make it difficult to attach to cage.

#4 Ware Manufacturing Plastic Scatterless Lock-N-Litter Small Pet Pan

The jumbo version of this litter pan measures 9.2 x 12.8 x 6 inches. In compare with other options on this list, this litter pan is provides enough room for ferret while also just right to be placed inside the cage without take lots of space.

The Ware Manufacturing’s Scatterless Lock-N-Litter Pan feature with plastic guard and wire flooring, which will keep the ferret feet from dirt and prevent the urine spread out of the pan. However, this is the drawback that the gaps of the wire floor is a litter big for ferret feet. You can choose to remove the wire floor.

The second drawback is there is not lower front lip for ferret easy access, what make some ferret will not want to use this pan at all. It features lock mechanism, which will keep the pan in place and not be overturned easily.

#5 Nature’s Miracle Disposable Litter Box

If you are a busy person and do not have enough time to frequent clean the ferret litter pan, this is the option for you. After a few times using, you just need to replace the old box by the new one. However, do not remember to replace it for too long as it can be the good environment for the growth of bacteria in the ores of the litter box, which will harm the ferret health.

It is made of recycled paper, but it sturdy enough to be used as stand-alone when won’t ne braak when the ferret is go inside. You also can place it in the plastic litter box. Its dimensions are 12,25 x 10,25 x 3,25 inch and no lower lip front side.

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