What are the Best CBD Treats Dogs for Arthritis?

Osteoarthritis, or often be known as arthritis, is one of the most common inflammatory conditions in dogs. We all know that quality CBD products for dogs (you can find more in link) provides a lot of benefits that help improve your dog’s overall well-being. But not many people know that CBD is also a natural anti-inflammatory and painkiller, which will prevent and reduce pain caused by arthritis or surgery.

Personally, I more prefer to use CBD oils as they are almost always cheaper than treats and provide more precise dose. But my dog is very picky and if you also have a picky dog, you will know that how difficult it is to drop CBD oils into their mouth. This is why CBD treats tends to do better for picky dogs as they usually contain lots of flavors that dogs would love

However, the problem for most pet owners is that it is not easy to find the best CBD treats dogs for arthritis in the market. Although there are a wide range CBD products are available out there, not all of them are created equal. That means not all the CBD are formulated to deal with inflammation and arthritics.

My 7 years old dog used to suffer from arthritis for such a long time, this is why I have researched and given him some different CBD dog treats for arthritis. Here are my recommendations for top quality CBD dog treats for arthritis, check out the following.

Best CBD Treats for Dog with Arthritis 2022

#1 King Kalm crunch CBD dog treats


I highly recommend this dog treat for the dogs are suffering from arthritis pain. My 7 years old dog has back arthritis, so instead of CBD oil, I tried to serve the blueberry version of it for him. And I realized that my dog crazy about this treat, it also not as messy as providing CBD oil. It is a lot easier to give a crunchy treat than to try to drop oil into the dog’s mouth.

King Kanine is one of the best manufactures when it comes to producing CBD products for pets. These crunch CBD treats are available in 3 flavours are Apple Cinnamon, Burberry, and Honey Oats. This treat is 100% natural and organic ingredients.

You do not need to worry about CBD evaporate during baking process as these cookies are baked at a low temperature and then dehydrates, which ensure they keep all the nutritional value. It is free of gluten and a great source of vitamins and Omega-3s.

It contains 40 pieces in a bag and each cookie piece has 0% THC and 3-4mg CBD. A bag of treats is equivalent to 100mg of oil. This CBD dogs treats for inflammation of King Kanine contains krill oil, which will help improve arthritis symptoms and relieve joint pain.

The dosage recommendation for King Kalm dog treats are for provide one treat per day for each 75 lb weigh of dog. Sine a treat only contains 3-4mg CBD strength so if your dogs has severe pain, cancers or serious inflammation, you also can give double the dosage. The dosage will be adjusted depend on the dog’s body size and the severity of his condition.

The drawback of this treat is that it is relatively expensive. Some customer posted negative reviews about customer service of King Kanine but I totally find with it.

#2 Holistapet – CBD dog treats joint and mobility care


It is not easy to find the other Dog treats out there that has the formula made specially for the dog with joint and arthritis issues. I had provided this treats for my dog after surgery and although it cannot completely get rid of joint paint and arthritis, it definitely makes he feel much better. It even worked better than prescription drugs.

This is because Holistapet treats includes the ingredients that help reduce the discomfort, swelling and inflammation that caused by arthritis or surgery. Turmeric Root is an anti-inflammatory. Boswellia will help repair damaged tissue. Hemp Seed Powder is a rich source of omega fatty acids and protein. CBD oil improve the overall health of the dog. This treat is highly recommended for the senior dogs, who tent to get problem with joint structure.

This product comes with pumpkin spice and cinnamon flavor. It is completely natural, organic, vegan with no gluten and dairy. It is made with organic hemp grown in Colorado and made in the USA so you can rest about its quality. It contains 5mg of CBD per treats and the recommended servings are 5mg for every 20 lbs of the dog weight and for every 4-8 hours. You also can double the dose for the dog with serious athirst issue. Holistapet offers 30 days money-back guarantee for their products.

#3 Pet hemp CBD Dog treats Pumpkin Spice & Cinnamon


This Pet hemp CBD dog – REPAIR: Joint Support makes a great impression on me as it as it acts quickly to help my elderly dog with his arthritis. This product of Pet hemp company has the best ingredients for joint health and prevent inflammation.

Boswellia is the ingredient that being added to reduce arthritis symptoms. Additionally, Boswellia also help repair and promote damaged tissue. It has Turmeric Root – a natural anti-inflammatory, reducing pain, swelling, and tenderness. Hemp Seed Powder provides omega fatty acids and protein. There are some others ingredients like CBD, brown rice flour, pumpkin, coconut oil, cinnamon. Due to these ingredients, this treat will help you dog deal with joint pain, inflammation, arthritis, muscle pain, hip dysplasia, etc.

What I like most about Pet hemps company products is their product’s quality. All these ingredients are 100% organic, vegan, GMO-free, dairy-free, gluten-free. It contains 5mg CBD per treat. This is relatively high concentrate so you can expect that it brings the effective quickly. One more advantage of this CBD dog treat is that it is very affordable in compare with other counterparts, it is only $30 per bag of 30 treats.

#4 Wild Thing Pets Pain & Inflammation CBD Dog Treats


This is another dog treats with the formula that made especially for the dogs are suffering from chronic arthritis or joint-related injuries. One of the most trustworthy factors of Wild Thing Pets Pain & Inflammation CBD Dog Treats is that it contains arnica, turmeric, glucosamine and CBD, what makes it perfect treat for daily routine and help easy joint pain and inflammation, arthritis.

Your dog also loves these treats as it has great taste if chicken and pork. It contains 5 mg of pure, potent and viable CBD in a treat. Not only that Wild Thing Pet also adds beneficial supplements like vitamin E, A, B12, makings it a rich source of nutrient for your pet.

These treats are made for prevent and reduce the effect of pain and inflammatory, so if there is any sign of inflammatory or traumatic injury, providing it for your dog. It is made from organically grown hemp plants for the highest quality. All the ingredients are all natural, premium. It is also 100% THC free, non-solvents, preservatives free, herbicides free, and pesticides free. It is tested by third-party lab to ensure it is completely safe for dog.

#5: Pet-Ness Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Mobility Dog Treats


Net Ness Mobility Treats are more prefer to senior dog who love soft chew treats. Although this treat is made for enhance mobility, relieve pain, it is also act as an anti-inflammatory. This is because it contains turmeric and willow bark, green lipped mussels, curcumin, Sam-E, glucosamine hydrochloride, MSM, etc. in the ingredients, all these ingredients are well known as reducing and manage inflammation, protect the dog’s joint construction, treat osteoarthritis, support mobility in dogs and relieve pain.

MobilityTreats from Pet Ness provide 4 mg of hemp extract per treat and 30 pieces per bag. The ingredients are all natural, non-GMO. This treat is formulated with human-grade, full spectrum hemp oil and made in the USA.

#6 Canna-Biscuits for Dogs: Advanced Formula Maple Bacon – Organic

Canna- Biscuits Maple Bacon contains 2.4mg of CBD in each biscuit, this is the lower concentration than most other CBD dog treats. That means this treat would be not effective immediately. But it seems to help my dog with his problem after a couple of weeks munching on these biscuits.

Canna- Biscuits Maple Bacon can help treating a variety of health issues, makes it great treat for daily use. Many customers reviewed that this treat reduce minor aches and pains from inflammation, arthritis. Additionally, it also good to be given for dog with cancer, digestive issues, phobias, and anxiety. The treat is recommended for conditions like itchy skin, stimulate and regulate appetite, seizures as well.

It is made in the USA with 100% organic, human grand ingredients. There is no any GMO or THC are contained in these biscuits. It is also tested by third-party lab for potency and safety. It is baked in the USA.

Due to its size, it is ideal for any size dog, you also can carry it for travel easily. It contains about 50 biscuits in a box. The main ingredients of this treats are hemp, terpenes, and CBD. Canna-Biscuits for dog are available in 3 flavors and my dog loves the Maple Bacon the most. This Maple Bacon flavor also contains some quality ingredients such as barley flour, maple powder, cured bacon, , and organic cinnamon.

How can CBD help the dogs with Arthritis?

The main reason that makes CBD become popular with pet owners is that it is a useful therapy for a variety of conditions and health issues such as pain, arthritis, anxiety, and even cancer.  Although there are not much scientific studies confirm the effective of using of CBD in treating each of these conditions, many vets recommend CBD products for dogs. Besides, according to studies in humans, we know that CBD have anti-inflammatory effects and can help with anxiety.

Because dog have the same endocannabinoid system like humans, endocannabinoid system allows the dogs to benefit from CBD like anti-inflammatory. Long-term inflammation is harmful for the dog’s health as it can cause damage to the inflammation area and makes chronic pain for up to years. And this is the reason for arthritis or chronic hip pain condition.

CBD has effect on block the inflammatory process and relieve substantial chronic pain for dogs as long as you give it at appropriate doses. It may take several weeks or months for you to notice the effective and full potential depends on your dog’s condition.

There is another problem for dog with arthritis is that arthritis also breaks down the joint construction.  Cartilage and chondrocytes- which produce the synovial fluid will be deactivated or disappear. It leads to the condition that bones have to rub against each other, and the mobility of joint is reduced by pain. Luckily, CBD can help simulate the repair and healing process of lost cartilage tissue and chondrocytes.

However, this process of regenerate chondrocytes and cartilage we take time for up to weeks or even months. It is important to be patient and provide proper dose. The dose depends on the size and weight of your dog. It is obvious that you cannot notice any improvement if you give low concentration of CBD for larger dogs. The older, senior dogs also require higher dose as they are poor absorb. The most important factor is your dog’s conditions. The dog with more severe symptoms should be given higher doses of CBD.


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