What are the Best CBD for Dog Hip Pain?

You may have heard about the CBD’s benefit of alleviating chronic joint pain, hip pain. CBD are well known as an effective and natural painkiller. Some manufacturers even provide CBD with specific formula for treating hip pain and other joint issues. I have used one of these products with my dog, who suffered from severe hip pain as he got older and the result was amazing.

However, one thing you should not that is not all the CBD products are created equal and not all of them contains active ingredient to support hip health and reduce the pain. In order to narrow down your choice and ensure that you are not worth your money on the wrong products. Here are the high quality CBD from a reputable brand that can promote dog’s mobility.

Top 7 CBD for Dog Hip Pain 2022:

#1 Royal CBD Dog Active Treats

Royal CBD Dog Treats are available in 3 different formula are Active Treats, Calming Treats, and Hearty Treats. And if your dog is suffering from hip pain, then the Active Treats are what made specially to focus on supporting mobility of dogs.  These CBD-infused dog treats contain 5 mg of CBD per piece. This is the great concentrate for even the dogs with severe issues.

Royal CBD is a great painkiller, which will help your dog managing hip pain. The Active Treats are made with ingredients such as boswellia, hemp seed extract, and turmeric. Turmeric are well known as their pain relief, reduce swelling properties, not only that, it also works as anti-inflammatory. Boswellia will regenerates damaged tissue and boosts bones structure. These ingredients will block key enzymes such as COX and LOX, which cause inflammation.

I provided it for my dog when I noticed early stage of hip pain from him and it really helped to reduce his physical discomfort and my dog becomes more active. The only drawback that I found from these treats is that since my dog is quite small and I wish a treat were smaller sized. I have to break the treats onto smaller pieces before feeding my dog.

This is about $80 for a single pack, it is not an affordable price but it worth every penny. The recommend dose is 1 treat per day for each 15 pounds of dog.

#2 Austin and Kat Bakko’s Hip and Joint Oil


There is nothing better for the dogs with health problem than a CBD product that made specially and focus on their issues. Austin and Kat is the famous CBD brand that I trust on whenever my dog out of condition. Austin and Kat provide a variety of potencies for specific issues. This CBD oil I recommend here address hip pain issues for dog.

What makes Austin and Kat CBD outstanding with other counterpart is that their oil is good for senior dogs. Their formula preven and protect and preventing deteriorate muscles of dogs. The Bakko’s Hip and Joint Oil is designed to promote joint mobility and hip health. It also boosts flexibility and back strength for the dogs. It is due to their premium hemp oil extract and effective natural antioxidants in the ingredients such as ashwagandha, astaxanthin, blueberries, ceylon cinnamon.

Apart from that, Austin and Kat claim that they use 100% natural and organic ingredients. Austin and Kat use organically grown hemp from Colorado for their products and use the CO2 method to extract hemp. The down point is that they only offer one flavor.

#3 Austin And Kat Bakko’s Hip and Joint Chew

What are the Best CBD for Dog Hip Pain?


This is another product for reducing and preventing hip and joint pain from Austin And Kat. If your dog is not keen on eating the CBD oil, you can provide him this fantastic array as it carry the same effective as Bakko’s CBD oil. What I like most about these chews is that they contain 10 mg CBD per treat. That means it has higher concentrate than other CBD on the market and extremely good for the dog with severe issues.

The ingredients in these treats are mussels, glucosamine, chondroitin, Green-Lipped and L-Carnitine, all these things are very good for hip health and mobility. After a few weeks provide these treats for your dog, you will notice its effect of promote hip and joint health. The dosage recommendation is offer ½ bite for each 25-50 lbs. weight of your dog.

#4 MediPets CBD Oil


If you are looking for the good CBD oil with organic ingredient, but you are in the limited budget, Medi Pets is the great option to consider. Medi Pet is a well-known brand of CBD products for humans. Although Medi Pets CBD oil is not as good as the previous options for treating hip pain, they still make the great job to reduce joint pain and hip pain caused by osteoarthritis.

Besides relief hip pain, this CBD also good for reduce anxiety, rashes, and promote overall wellbeing of dogs. Their ingredients are 100% natural and organic CBD oil it is third party lab tasted. What I like most is that Medi Pets provide CBD in variety potency options that appropriate for small, medium and small dogs. They also offer 15 days money-back guarantee for their products.

#5 Charlotte’s Web HIP & JOINT CHEWS FOR DOGS


Charlotte’s Web is a trustworthy, top brand when it comes to CBD products for both human and dogs. For the dogs who are suffering from hip and joint pain and cannot be able to run, jump and play normally, this should be the great solution to offer Charlotte’s Web Hip & Joint Chews for them.

These chews make life easier and happier for your dog as they maintain healthy joints and connective tissue. The ingredients of these treats include glucosamine, turmeric, and chondroitin and blend with full-spectrum hemp extract, which will help reduce joint stiffness and hip pain. This formula is design to support bones construction, and connective tissues, promote mobility and flexibility, maintain healthy bone and body functions.

Charlotte’s Web reputation base on their high-quality premium proprietary hemp extract. They made their CBD products from Charlotte’s from organically grown hemp in the US, which extracted by CO2 method.

#6 Gold Bee CBD Oil Full Spectrum Extract

What make Gold Bee outstanding with other CBD oil on the market is due to its high terpene content. Terpenes are small compounds that can be found in plants and brings a lot of therapeutic benefits. Thanks to these terpenes, although this CBD oil are not made specially for hip pain of dog but it is still effective to reduce and prevent this health issues for your pet.

Gold Bee CBD oils act as a powerful painkilling and anti-inflammatory. It is believed to provides properties for promote connective tissue of arthritis joints. Terpenes in Gold Bee formula can help to improve overall wellness of dogs, reduce chronic joint pain and hip pain.

The oil is made from organically grown hemp, non-GMO. It is vegan, third party lab tested for potency and safety. Gold bee also offer 30-day money-back guarantee for their products. The drawback of this CBD oil is that its formula is not made specific for dogs or pets, but you can rest that Gold Bee oil is still completely safe for your dogs.

#7 Simply Green Organics Beef Flavored Dog Treats



Simply Green Organics Dog treats is formulated by Veterinarian with water-soluble hemp powered and other human grand ingredients. These treats are not only designed to support a healthy life, wellness and balanced lifestyle for the dogs, it also has the tasty beef flavor, which the dogs will love.

The main ingredients of these treats are water soluble hemp extract powder, glycein, flax seed oil, sodium alginate. It only contains 2 mg CBD per treat. That means you may not notice the effective immediately after a few days. But these treats are perfect for consistent daily use. The treats will support joint and hip health as well as brain function, improve skin and coat, boost immune system, prevent inflammation for the dogs. It is recommended to feed 1 chew per 25 lbs for 1-2 times per day.

What are the reasons that causes hip pain for dogs?

There are two problems with hip and join that commonly found in dogs are degenerative and developmental. Degenerative joint pain common in senior dog and it cause by the aging joints stop working. The weakness of immune system in older dogs also count against joint construction.

These problems of hip and joint tents to be occurred with senior dog when they are at the age of 6-7 and up. At this time, the cartilage, which act as soft cushion to reduce friction between bones will begins to waste away and cause the bones rub against the others. This can cause discomfort when your dog uses the joints such as when they bend at the hip, making it difficult for dogs to walk, run or get up normally.

The other common issue is developmental, this is usually genetic, when hips or joints of the dogs do not grow as normal. And hip dysplasia is what the most common malformations in dogs. In a normal dog, the femur head will fit with the socket of the pelvis. But in the dog with hip dysplasia, the malformed joints or shallow hip socket will make bones rub against each other.

According to study, hip dysplasia is common found in dwarf, large dogs such as French Bulldogs, Rottweilers, Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, etc. These breeds have higher ricks of hip dysplasia than others.

How CBD product can help with Dogs hip paint?

CBD products that extracted by full spectrum hemp offers a wide variety health benefits for both human and pets. They are also proved to help relieve arthritis, hip pain and other pains and promote mobility.

CBD manage pain: Full Spectrum Hemp extract act as a painkiller. Since cannabis has been used as an effective palliative for such a very long time. Apart from manage pain, CBD also help heal the physical conditions that cause pain.

Reduce and prevent inflammation: inflammation is also the reason that cause arthritic for dogs. CBD are known for its property ofreduce inflammation through the body. CBD will soothe that inflammation, treating and preventing the pain for dogs.

Promote Immune system: CBD help balance the immune responses of body in the case if arthritis and joint issue are result of an auto-immune response.

How should I feed CBD for dog hip pain?

Generally, each manufacturer will offer their own directions for use base on their CBD concentration and it is better to follow the direction. However, you also can adjust the serving dose due to your dog’s situation. There is a basic rule to provide 2 mg CBD for each 10 pounds of weight to start. For example, if your dog’s weight is 50 pounds, you should get start by offer him 10 mg of CBD per serving.

CBD will work better and more active when being fed on an empty stomach. You can give your dog CBD twice time per day in the morning and evening. CBD. Avoid feeding treats hour before and after the meals. CBD take about 4-8 hours to completely absorb, it will be longer for older dogs with slower digestion.

It is important to be patient and offers CBD consistently. Giving CBD to your dog every day, at the certain time, it will make sure your pup gets the best results from CBD. Sometimes, you even should double the dose if the amount you gave is not enough and your dog have severe hip pain.