What are the best hemp oils for dog with cancer?

The Veterinary Cancer Society estimates that one out of every four dogs will grow cancer at some stage in their lives. When my dogs have cancer, their quality of life becomes critical. As their parents, I was very worried and constantly look for treatment options that are gentler, have less side effects, and are less expensive. And I chose hemp oil for my beloved pets.

Although hemp oil or CBD oil is not a miracle method that can cure cancer, it may aid in the relief of symptoms and side effects, allowing your dog’s feel more comfortable and battle the disease. People believe that CBD is an effective anti-inflammatory and analgesic. Both of these properties are very beneficial to quality of life for dog with cancer. Not to mention the CBD also has been shown to cause cancerous cells to die (apoptosis).

In this post, I would like to recommend some CBD oil products on the market that contains anti-cancer properties or ingredients. I also provide you some information about how CBD oil is being used and the ideal dosage to help dogs deal with the side effects of cancer treatment.

Best Hemp Oils for Dog with Cancer 2022

#1 Dope dog unflavoured Dog Dopper 1200mg CBD oil


This CBD and hemp oils have been used by many dog owners to relieve for the dogs that are suffering from variety of diseases, including cancer and muscle trauma. 1200 mg CBD isolate in is the highest concentration version of Dope Dropper. Due to its high-strength formula, it is only recommended for larger dogs over 85 lbs, or the Dog who have cancer, extreme pain or severe diseases. It will be easier for you to increase dose with high concentration hemp oil.

Some studies have shown that CBD can also cause cancer apoptosis process in dogs with cancer, basically, this is the death of cancer cells. But CBD cannot completely cure cancer, and testing is only in its early stages.

There are only 2 main ingredients of Dope Dropper CBD oil are MCT coconut oil and CBD Isolate that is derived from the hemp flower. Dope Dop only offers human-grade ingredients, 100% THC free products. MTC coconut oil can support dog’s digestion system. The CBD oil also promotes joint function and mobility.

#2 CBD Dog Health HEAL CBD oil for dogs


Although CBD Dog Health has several CBD formulas for different dog’s condition, I would like to recommend HEAL tincture, it includes 1100 mg of full spectrum hemp extract. HEAL is intended to support endocannabinoid system of dogs and help with variety health issues, such as pain and inflammation. This oil only contains high-quality 100%, natural ingredients make: Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract, MCT-3 Oil, and Hemp Seed Oil.

HEAL has the ability to treat a variety of ailments, including seizures, Cushing, autoimmune diseases, degenerative diseases, and even cancer. HEAL CBD oil can help kill cancer cell at the early stage while healthy cells are unharmed (apoptosis). It also prevents tumours from spreading and entering other areas in the dog’s body (anti proliferative).

Apart from that, CBD Dog Health also provide REMEDY 300mg full spectrum hemp extract salve, which can help with external tumours, cysts, infections.

#3 Lazarus Naturals Wild Salmon Calming Pet CBD TinctureWhat are the best hemp oils for dog with cance?


Not only all the benefits of full spectrum CBD, your dogs also receive the benefits of tasty wild salmon oil formulation. Wild Salmon oil is a rich source of Omega-3s fatty acids. The omega-3 fatty acids present in fish oils have been shown in studies to slow the growth and development of certain tumors.

Additionally, wild salmon oil is also beneficial to dogs with skin allergies or coat problems, it supports a healthy skin and coat. It also promotes immune system of the dogs. The main ingredients of this CBD oil are Wild Salmon Oil, Wild Pollock Oil, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract and coconut.

#4 Pawsome Organics – Organic Hemp Oil and Turmeric


This hemp oil is a natural cure for reducing pain in dogs with arthritic symptoms and swollen joints. But not only that, the hemp oil has the ideal omega-3 to omega-6 ratio for powerful anti-inflammatory benefits. When combined with the properties of turmeric, it aids in the reduction of inflammation.

Turmeric is one of the most common natural treatments for arthritis and cancer in dogs and cats.

For the dog with cancer, the active ingredient curcumin of turmeric has a number of medicinal properties and beneficial that have been clinically confirmed. Turmeric is also a potent antioxidant that can help extending the life of your pet.

#5 Mana Botanic hemp pet drops with turmeric


This is another combination of CBD and turmeric, which provides anti-inflammatory, neuroprotection, and anti-oxidative properties and help control a wide variety of dog’s body functions such as digestive and immune systems.

The role of turmeric and curcumin, in cancer treatment and prevention has been thoroughly researched. Curcumin help inhibits the production, proliferation, and spread of cancer. Curcumin even has a lot of attention due to its potential to shrink tumors and destroy cancer cells.

Additionally, this hemp oil from Mana Botanic is also features human-grade Organic MCT coconut oil for easier digestion, turmeric grown in Hawaii, organic peanut butter flavor that dog would love.

Can CBD oil help dogs with cancer?

As dog parents, we will do everything to help our dogs stay healthy, however cancer is still a frequent diagnosis. There are some common types of cancer that dog tents to get are mast cell tumors, canine lymphoma, melanoma, bone cancer, and mammary cancer.

CBD will be an effective supplemental medication for dogs if you are looking for the canine cancer treatment, but only CBD cannot completely cure and get rid of cancerous tumor. However, it has been shown to retard the development of cancer cells in some cases and can be used in conjunction with chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Additionally, CBD will increase the life-quality for dog with cancer.

CBD has anti-cancer effects and aids in the prevention of cancer movement and spread. CBD is also beneficial to the immune system. It can reduce the symptoms of cancer that dogs easily get such as inflammation, anxiety, nausea, and seizures. Daily using CBD use helps certain dogs who lost their appetite.

CBD oil benefits for dogs with cancer

Although nothing is definitive, the findings of CBD oil cancer research are encouraging. Both human and pets who are suffering from cancer can benefit from cannabinoids like CBD for a variety of reasons:

It supports the immune system’s function:

just like in human, immune system of your dog is also constantly in anticipation of something that unusual, such as invading infections like viruses and bacteria, or irregular cells like cancer.

CBD helps relieve cancer-related pain:

Cancer causes chronic pain, this is a normal and painful side effect. By disrupting nerve cells and causing inflammatory responses, cancer will cause pain for your dog. The development of tumor may also put pressure on other part and organs nearby, which resulting in pain or irritation.

Chemotherapy can destroy nerve cells and cause systemic oxidative damage in dogs. According to study, both CBD and THC is beneficial in the treatment of cancer pain.

Promote Cancer Therapy’s Side Effects:

Chemotherapy or radiotherapy are the most common cancer therapies for dogs. Although they can help cure cancer, these therapies are harsh and can harm the body significantly. So, these methods are associated with a number of harmful side effects. There are some of the most common cancer-therapy side effects: Vomiting and nausea, having trouble sleeping, bad appetite, headaches with fatigue, etc. Instead of treating cancer, the main reason that I provide CBD for my dog is to relieve these side effects.

CBD can slow the tumor growth:

Cannabinoids, such as CBD and THC, have been shown to have anticancer properties in various in vitro and animal trials, but the data is inconclusive. In certain cancers, CBD has been shown to suppress the development of tumors, but not all. Though tumor suppression is a promising advantage of CBD, we can’t be sure about it unless further research is done.

What’s the dose of CBD oil for dogs with cancer?

The first step before you get the Bet CBD for dog cancer is to spend some time figuring out what dose would be best on your dog. Many owners have popular belief, that the height and weight of the dog will effect CBD dosage. It is also the way to determine the dose of CBD. However, the fact that. The most reliable way to determine dosage is to take into account each animal’s individual physiological status. This covers things like their endocannabinoid system, age, appetite, cancer mechanism, existing illnesses, and other personal health considerations. Even their digestive system’s condition of the dog also effects the dosage. Dogs with poor digestion consume CBD oil at a slower rate and will require a higher dosage.

It is better to keep an eye on your dog and monitor his reaction and assess the best dosage over the first few weeks. If you’re giving CBD oil to your dog for the first time, you should go with a very low dosage at first to ensure there are no allergies or other unpleasant reactions. Also at high doses, hemp extract is incredibly effective. However, your dog is also get some side effects, sleepiness or loose stools/diarrheal are the most frequent. Using CBD use is unlikely to result in physical harm.

If you’ve know that your dog can comfortably tolerate CBD oil, gradually increase their dose to the maximum recommended for their weight level.  Do not forget to keep an eye on your dog to see how they respond, and adjust the dosage slightly each day as needed.

Open the dog mount and apply the dosage straight onto his gums for the quickest and most extensive absorption. The CBD may not be as effective as the directly way if it is mixed food, and it may take slightly longer (30-45 minutes) to enter the bloodstream as it passes through the digestive tract.

For best absorption and to retain it in the bloodstream, divide the sum of mg into small amounts and providing several times a day (micro-dosing). The CBD has a peak effect after 2 hours and lasts for 4-6 hours. Before each use, give the bottle a good shake and hold it out of direct sunlight or high temperature.


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