Let me design a nice looking web page for those petting zoos and farm markets that do not have one.


1. Economical.- The set up fee is now only $250.00 plus $8.00 a month to host the web page on my server. Compare this cost to the thousands of dollars many people pay to have their web site developed. The $8.00 a month charge is necessary since Internet Service Providers charge a monthly fee depending on how many Mega Bytes are used.( The $8.00 a month I charge is a lot better than the $19.95 that most reputable ISP’s charge.)

2. Size– suitable to maneuver easily. An uncomplicated page is a joy to look at, and will draw customers to your petting zoo and farm market.

3.WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO? Just send me an e-mail and attach if you can some photos of your animals, &/or farm market, &/or people who work there etc. as well as a description of what you would like on your web page. I will do the rest and send you a sample copy to edit before I upload it. We will keep in touch as to progress and clarifying questions that arise. If you are not able to send photos as an e-mail attachment, you can mail them to me.

4. WHAT WILL BE THE ADDRESS OF MY WEB SITE? The address of your web site will be

https://www.pettingzoofarm.com/ (your petting zoo name).html

It will be uploaded as a separate page and submitted for registration with at least five search engines.

5.Search Engine Placement– At this point, the Petting Zoo Directory has very favorable placements in many search engines, including Google, Earthlink, and Excite under either the “petting zoo” or “Petting Farm”category. YAHOO lists the “Petting Zoo Directory” in the top 10. and “Petting Farm Directory” in the number one position. Since your web page will be in the Directory, it will enjoy those same high rankings, and, there will be a hyper-link to your site. However, due to the very nature of search engines, there is no guarantee these high rankings will continue. Nevertheeless I am happy, and perhaps blessed, with favorable placements, especially since I do not pay to have my web site listed. But check for yourself. Put either “petting zoo” or “petting zoo directory” in the search engine you use. Hopefully, the Petting Zoo Directory will be in the top 30.

6.Your web site, or a critter from your petting zoo, can be featured as an animal of the week above or below the state where your petting zoo is located.. Or, you can submit an attraction that you are especially proud of to be used as a weekly feature.

7. Sites will be developed using Adobe Page Mill 3.0

I am looking forword to hearing from you.

[email protected]

Bob Worgul

3125 E.Broadmoor

Lansing, Michigan 48906

copyright 2001

Revised 12-19-2001