MSNL Feminized Seeds – A Cultivated Review for Growers Waiting to Roll On

Some call them the seeds of life. The very essence of medical miracles and answer to many a prayer. Others refer to them as a major downfall of modern society. Problematic little troublemakers just waiting to bloom psychoactive terror.
There is one thing that is certain. These little seeds have sparked many a late-night conversation. Yes, Maryjane, the madness remains. Give me seeds. Give me seeds. Give me the tiny seeds of the cannabis plant. But not just any old weed seeds. For street seeds and their shake are not of pure intention. Let’s be selective and discuss the seeds created for those of a trained palate.
Painstakingly cultivated and produced, raising the refined reefer bar for their anxious customers. Let’s discuss some of the seeds of MSNL, the original seedbank. Bred to produce female plants for their prized medicating buds. MSNL’s highly sought-after, consistently top-rated seeds, that produce the finest herb. Sit back and relax as I delve deeper into 8 strains of MSNL feminized seeds.

#1 MSNL Mango Review

Mango seeds are the refined version of a true classic. Producing very large, colorful, dense buds with the sweet taste and scent of bubblegum.
The mango buds feels smooth on intake and create a long-lasting state of calm and relaxation, that starts slowly, then takes your whole body on. Causes zero paranoia.
Mango seeds can be grown successfully indoors or out, with a September harvest.

#2 MSNL Magnum Auto Review

The beautiful Magnum Automatic’s plant has deep green leaves and large, dense potent buds covered in creamy trichomes. An auto-flowering strain considered one of the finest hybrids available.
The Magnum Automatic bud offers a pure state of euphoric relaxation and opens the mind to a new sense of creativity. A calming urge to do more. The Magnum Automatic has numerous medicinal purposes and is great for pain relief. Very easy to grow indoors or out, with a harvest of July thru October.

#3 MSNL Zkittlez Review

The award-winning Zkittlez seeds produce buds with an explosive candy flavor. Lemons, berries, and grapes with just a hint of plum.
Ultra-smooth on intake, and produces a deep relaxed state of mind with a hit of trippy.
A native of California, Zkittlez seeds are being explored for pain management.
Grows indoor and outdoor growing with a late September harvest.

#4 MSNL Fruity Pebbles Review

Fruity Pebbles are undoubtedly one of the world’s fruitiest tasting herbs. This crossbreed is considered a pedigree in the world of cannabis seeds.
Fruity Pebbles produces giant plants with giant buds. Long-lasting smooth and mellow state of mind.
Zkittlez should be used with caution. They are incredibly uplifting. You might remodel your entire house in an afternoon.
An intoxicating flavor that tastes of cherry, berry, lemon, and orange in one. Grows indoors or out with a harvest in late September.

#5 MSNL Thc Bomb Review

The award-winning THC Bomb has the power and potency of a bud strong enough to hold its’ name. Classic skunk taste with fruity cherry and sour undertones.
The THC Bomb high is slow starting, than kicks in to a warm full-body buzz.
THC Bomb is for an afternoon laying around drifting away to your favorite tunes. Brings on major munchies so have some on standby.
Extremely easy to grow outdoors in warm climates only. Produces hardy, shorter plants with a generous harvest. Ideal for commercial growers.

#6 MSNL Thai Stick Review

MSNL Thai Stick is a popular favorite. Produces bud with the taste of my youth. Old school to say the least. Thai Stick moments are to be savored. Seeds gifted to her children from Mother Earth.
Thai Stick bud produces a slow starting buzz that builds into euphoria flowing through your entire body. Full relaxation and heightened clarity. Socially uplifting and great for day time tripping.
These seeds produce a tall, beautiful tree-like plant. Monstrous. Outdoor harvest comes in early October.

#7 MSNL Great White Shark Review

Award-winning Great White Shark is a heavyweight indica strain crossbreed between White Widow and Skunk #1.
GWS grows hardy plants with impressive size buds. A calming smooth classic buzz that will have you relaxed for hours. Great medicinal qualities.
Great White Shark grow outdoors with a late September, early October harvest.

#8 MSNL Ak47 Review

AK47 feminized seeds are a favorite of the serious smoker. Producing strong plants that grow to a medium height with very impressive buds.
AK47 has a citrusy taste with a little hint of a cherry berry mix. Buds produce a mesmerizing high. This one puts up a fight, so relax and hang on as things may get a little foggy.
AK47 is a product for the more experienced palate. Great potential for medicinal purposes.

#9 MSNL Lemon Skunk Review

Award-winning Lemon Skunk produces buds with an unmistakable lemony aroma. Lemon Skunk has a citrusy taste with mild skunky undertones.
This one is not messing around with 18% THC. Give yourself some time for a Lemon Skunk crazy ride that ends with complete relaxation and happiness. An outstanding, phenomenal high.
Easy to grow and ideal for both indoor and outdoor growing, but room size is of the essence. Lemon Skunk’s plentiful buds become heavy and dense and need a lot of growing room.

#10 MSNL Green Crack Review

All-natural Green Crack will have you smiling all night long. Produces a long-lasting intense high, leaving you feeling refreshed, renewed, and uplifted. An unmistakable euphoria that is great for pain and depression.
An impressive hybrid with THC levels of up to 20%. Named by Snoop Dogg himself, Green Crack is notoriously good and is a coveted MSNL feminized strain.
There you have it. Eight strains of feminized seeds that are some of my personal favorites to grow. I have found that MSNL seeds produce a product like no other. Cultivated with experience. Sought-after and loved since 1999. My MSNL feminized seeds reviews are that of a trained grower, who chooses only the best.
Give me seeds. Give me seeds. Give me seeds Maryjane, for the madness continues and it’s time to roll another.