Top Rated Marijuana Strains from MSNL: Top Genetic Strains

Top 10 MSNL Genetic Strains

#1 MSNL White Lightning Review

White lightning is a unique hybrid. It’s a cross between two distinctive strains. The two strains are white widow and northern lights. Surprisingly it’s a heavy sativa that leaves a long lastings effect with a great taste. This type of smoke is different from other strains. It smells skunky but helps increase the buds. Most people take a liking to the taste. It’s a flavor that gives a continuous aid to meditation and body aches. White lighting effects are more in aid of relaxation and happy feeling. White lighting helps with stress levels and depression. The only real negatives of an experienced smoker is while smoking it leaves you with a dry mouth.

#2 MSNL Silver Haze Auto Review

Silver haze auto is a popular strain. After a few minutes into trying a silver haze you feel the strength of it quickly. You get the euphoric feel. Silver haze makes you forget about your life problems. This haze helps clear your head and gives you a boost mentality. You mainly feel energetic and focused about your daily task. A lot of users are very impressed with this strain of sativa. Silver haze has a lasting effect of clamminess. The professional user compares silver haze auto strain to the top 3 sativa’s in the world. You can basically smoke this strain during the day to get an ultimate day time buzz. If you have pains , stiffness or soreness silver haze auto strain is the drug of choice.

#3 MSNL Purple Afghani Review

The purple afghani is a musty, tart, stinky, like a dank smell. This strain is absolutely wonderful for anxiety , insomnia and stress. Most users say, “It gives you a smooth high”. I wanted to get deeper knowledge on what is considered a smooth high? A smooth high is a unique mellow high. Mellow high can equal fabulous sleep because you are more relaxed and at ease to release focused thoughts. The smell is subtle but still has a lasting aroma.

#4 MSNL Purple Hulk Review

The purple hulk strain is a weak strain. It’s not the best in THC and color. CBD levels are almost non-existent in purple hulk strain. This type of strain is potentially to support medical symptoms to reduce pain. This strain is easy to grow and produce to full strength in about eight to ten weeks. You don’t have to be an expert to grow this strain. This makes it popular amongst plant growers.This strain helps with anxiety and depression. Imagine yourself in tons of pain? Purple hulk is the best choice. The going rate for about five seeds is around thirty-eight to forty bucks.

#5 MSNL Blueberry Widow Review

Blueberry widow marijuana is a cross between an upper but calming effect at the same time. This strain aids in drowsiness which leads to great sleep. Blueberry widow is similar to Amnesia Haze, Super Silver Haze, and Purple Diesel. Users that needed assistance with anxiety and stress have gone to blueberry widow and received great results. This drug is better than going to a doctor when wanting to relax and prepare for a major event. Most users take this type of marijuana before big exams, believe or not interviews and gathering with large crowds.

#6 MSNL Strawberry Cough Review

Now, the strawberry cough strain of marijuana is more herbal. This means it’s more calming in nature. Strawberry cough comes in handy when your stress levels are elevated at all time high. Strawberry Cough strain is a THC dominant Sativa. If you wanted to compare this type of marijuana the closet is Jelly bean marijuana , silver haze, and maui wowie. This strain smells very fruity in flavor. The smoke taste is of strawberries of course. Users that have severe cases of anxiety , PTSD or chronic depression love this strain of marijuana . I wondered what this blend is made from and it is Spliff’s strawberry and fire alien strawberry. Planters/ gardeners can grow this plant in about seven to nine weeks.

#7 MSNL Master Kush Review

Master kush is one of the original strains when it comes to weed. It’s a peppery blend mixed with citrus and herbs. This blend only has about eighteen percent THC. If you had to guess what effect this weed has on the body. It is an energizing mood that triggers to act as a stimulant of excitement. Master kush is very potent from the time you start to the time you finish. This type of smoke isn’t for the casual smoker. This smoke is for the professional smoker. Not for rookies.

#8 MSNL Gdp Auto Review

This GDP strain is formally known as Granddaddy Purple. This marijuana focuses on the body and mind. Granddaddy Purple is used to fight appetite loss, insomnia , muscle spasms and cope with pain. The smoke is thick when trying GDP. The taste is extra sweet. GDP is very high in strength. It really makes you feel like you are sedated. This type of weed leaves you with a “wow, this is an awesome”, type of reaction to it. Most smokers enjoy this strain of cannabis. GDP was about twenty percent of THC in this strain on average.

#9 MSNL Jack Herer Review

One of the fruity sativa’s around is Jack Herer strain. This strain is mostly for calming. Smokers enjoy smoking this type of marijuana in the morning because you can be relaxed and calm throughout the day. It helps contribute to happiness, energy, and more focus. This cannabis is referred to daytime medicine because of the physical aid it does to the body. You can get eighty percent of these strains mentioned in cartridge form. The cartridge has cannabis extracts in oil form THC.

#10 MSNL Girl Scout Cookies Review

Scout Cookies are msnl quality genetics of cannabis. It’s a high level of THC at twenty one percent on average. This strain of cannabis is considered hybrid weed. This level of THC won many awards in the cannabis field. On average users are happy under the influence of girl scout cookies strain. True smokers sometimes abbreviate it as GSC to be cool and low key. The GSC marijuana is one of the top sellers in most stores. Several users say they are more talkative, and goofy. GSC is a pain reliever from stress and pain.