MSNL Autoflower Seeds Reviews: Top Rated Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Top 10 MSNL Autoflower Seeds 2022

#1 MSNL Big Bud Auto Review

This Remarkable plant is a combination crossbreed between Big bud and phenotype, Redicul Indica. We know the plant, Big Bud for its phenomenal producing of some of the most amazing beautiful buds. Big Bud Auto Has the THC contents at a tremendous level of 15%-18%, but this extraordinary plant causes effects that induce relaxation and a very satisfying feeling.
Big Bud produces flowers in a period from 8 to 10 weeks and has a wonderful harvest time in July – September. From seedlings to a full-grown plant, the growth height averages in the range from 60cm-100cm. Classified as an Indica plant these wonderful masterpieces have a great smell and they resemble the style of a Christmas tree.

#2 MSNL Gorilla Glue Auto Review

Rapidly In the past 5 years, they labeled this strand of the plant as one of the most popular. The product has a very strong reputation that cannot be broken holding one of the best and most powerful stains in the market with a content of 23% THC level. This plant originated from the two plants as a hydrid plant from Sour Dubb and Chem sister. Some effects of this plant are having a stoned body with a rich, penetrating deep felling. this plant is short regarding to height, but this plant is know for being very powerful.
The flowering time for this plant is 8 to 10 weeks and has a harvest time between July and October. This wonderful Gorilla glue plant reaches heights of 180cm to 220cm, so that makes the Gorilla Glue plant very tall.

#3 MSNL Wedding Cake Review

With everything involving the aroma to the flavor, even the fragrance, this strand Wedding cake is top of the line for quality. The unique plant birth parents are called Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry pie. The extraordinary content of THC levels has ranged from 22% to 25% the effects of this plant have quite the energy booster. The plant wedding cake has an 8 to 10 flowering time with a harvest time between the months of late September. They can grow The Wedding cake plant indoors/outdoors this plant reaches heights of 100cm to 150cm.

#4 MSNL Auto Lemon Haze Review

Lemon haze autoflower seeds is a crossbreed plant made from the following two plants called Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze. With this strand, the effect that you receive is fast and long-lasting, but you can function regularly. The THC content of Lemon haze is between 15% to 18% and has a flowering time of 8 to 10 weeks. The harvest time from the months July to September. Lemon Haze doesn’t get enormous with a height of 60cm to 100cm tall.

#5 MSNL G13 Haze Review

G13 autoflower seeds is a legendary strand that has created a lot of talk for its kind as some say it is the strongest and most powerful that has been ever created. With all the research performed, this judgment stands true with an incredible THC level toping between 19% and 22% of the flowers produced are covered in its own resin.
This plant is considered an Indica and has a harvest time between the month of Mid October. This G13 Haze plant reaches heights of 180cm to 220cm and can be grown indoors and outdoors.

#6 MSNL Tangerine Dream Review

The Tangerine Dream is an amazing plant that grows some of the biggest flowers and as a dominant Indica plant, it is full of flavor and offers a beautiful color. This plant was the firstborn on the west coast and has a THC content of 12% to 15%.
The crossbreed plant comes from the following Ghost OG and Original skunk haze. This plant has a flowering time from 8 to 10 weeks and has a harvest time between the months of July and October. Tangerine Dream can grow indoors and outdoors and reach heights of 60cm to 70cm, so it’s not the biggest plant.

#7 MSNL Auto Widow Review

The Widow plant is like no other its unique characteristics have the capabilities to make this plant show as the color white unlike no other, this allows and gives the plant a glassy shimmer.
The Widow has contents of THC that vary in levels from 15% to 18% this plant can give you a high while being powerful but not overpowering. The Widow is a particular strand born in Amsterdam with the birth name White Widow.
Also, this plant is a 100% Indica plant the flowering time for this plant is between the time of 8 to10 weeks and the harvesting time is in the months of July and September. With all of this said, the Widow reaches an astonishing height from 60cm to 100cm tall.

#8 MSNL Bubblegum Auto Review

Bubble gum autoflower seeds is one plant that has the best-tasting experiences. This plant is most common for it to not grow very tall but to be very potent and commonly rather easy to grow. unknowingly this plant comes from the northeast of America and growing in around the heights of 60cm to 100cm.
The harvest time for the strand Bubble gum is in the months of July and September with an 8 to 10 week of flowering. Some effects that you will receive from the strand are happiness and a good feeling that takes over the entire body, more or less you receive a body high from Bubble gum.

#9 MSNL Amnesia Haze Review

Amnesia Haze autoflower seeds is another one of the legendary strands that are a pure Sativa, That releases the benefit of a powerful high, This plant Amnesia haze has won a few cups plus multiple more awards.
Amnesia haze is very common to its massive size and the amount of product that the plant produces in a batch. We can grow the plant indoors and outdoors, but the Amnesia plant has a more tendency to grow better outdoors. The THC levels for amnesia haze is between 19% and 22% with the harvest time in Mid October. We know amnesia haze for its size this plant reaches heights of 180cm to 220 cm with is enormous.