Mountain Biking Hurricane St George Zion – A Trails Overview For Intermediates

This video is for those who want to see the tread and evaluate if they have the strength and skills to ride these trails. (They probably do and I explain how.) It is not another bombing down technical terrain video. There are plenty of those on the Web now.

Mountain Biking Hurricane St George Zion

While Moab is the big mountain biking attraction in southern Utah, the Zion – Virgin – Hurricane – St. George area in southwest Utah is not to be dismissed. This is a short overview of many of the most exciting trails. You’ll find a lot of diversity and amazing riding on those trails.

Trails included are on Gooseberry Mesa (South Rim, Hidden Canyon, and North Rim Trails), the JEM trail system, Guacamole Mesa, Little Creek Mesa, Quail Lake / Boy Scout Trails, Prospector and Church Rocks, and Barrel Roll.

I wish Zen Trail near St. George was included but including it and several trails near Barrel Roll would delay this video a year. Whatever, there is plenty here to get acquainted with the area.

Have fun and great rides!

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