I’ve rode a Rockshox Revelation RCT3 140mm fork for the past two and a half years since my Yeti was new.  Nice, but I’ve been over the handlebars or crashed more than a few times on what I consider small rocks, maybe 6 – 10 inches high.   After two nasty crashes recently, one that had me limping around Fruita, CO for a few days and unable to ride,  I had enough.

Testing the fork on Moab ledges. North 40 Trail.

Fox redesigned their 34 line in 2022 and I was noticing the smoother and more controlled rides over gnar at the Outerbike and Hurricane mountain bike festivals.  After the Fruita incident on the Holy Cross Trail, which I blogged about recently, I was headed to the fall 2022 Outerbike in Moab.

There I tested various bikes, mostly Yetis, by attacking 6 – 12 inch rocks at various speeds.  All had the 2022 Fox Factory 34 forks.  The bikes glided over the rocks.  I actually couldn’t, and didn’t, crash although I was trying to kill myself, sort of.

After Outerbike I drove home for a week to get stuff done and ordered a new 2022 Fox Factory 34 140 mm along with wider Maxxis tires from  Why Jenson?  They give me free beers and hats at Outerbike!  Also, they have Amazon level shipping service.  I had the fork in two days. (Bike shops take more than a week to receive something I ordered.)

After a week in Silicon Valley I drove back to Fruita and Over The Edge Sports installed my fork.  Then I hit the trails, and every rock and ledge I could find.  I dared it to throw me off my bike!

And it didn’t!  Not once in two weeks of riding did I ever feel off-balance, crash in any way, or lose it enough to “dance with the bike” instead of a complete fall.  I was riding shit I usually walk.  Riding my bike became more fun!  I feel safer and more confident.

I put a Maxxis 2.3″ Tamahawk on the rear and a 2.4″ Ardent on the bow.  Very nice!

So I sold the Revelation on eBay but in the listing I included a warning that it doesn’t work well at lower speeds.  A young aggressive rider from San Jose bought it – perfect for him.