What are the best CBD products for Cat with Anxiety?

There are so many reasons and situations in life that can cause our cats anxiety. My 1 year old cat has separation anxiety whenever I leave the house. Anxiety state of cat can also occur when they are moved to a new house, traveling, visiting vet or groomer. And CBD products is what I choose as an effective and safety solution to minimize and reduce anxiety for my cats.

You can easy find CBD products for pet in this link. However, there are not much choice for us when it comes to CBD for cat with anxiety. It seems like manufacturers are more focus on CBD products for dogs. And ever when I found and tried some CBD products, not all of them really worked well to keep my cat calm and relieve stress for him.

I completely know how difficult it is to find out the high quality and effective CBD products that can help reduce stress and negative emotion when the cats are anxiety. This is why I listed here top 6 CBD oils and treats that has been serving my cat.

Top CBD products for Cat with Anxiety 2022

#1 Honest Paws  CBD Oil for Cats Wellness


Whenever my cat is frustrating and anxiety or get stress, he has aggressive behaviour, loss of appetite and weight. The prescription of vet can come with unfavourable side effects for the health of my pet. Therefore, I offer Honest Paws CBD oil for him. This CBD oil is 100% organic, vegan, non-GMO and free of gluten. It is safety and work very well to relief anxiety for my cat.

It is not always possible to know when your cat is under stress and suffer from anxiety. So, it is better to give him something safe, can be feed regularly and good for his health. Honest Paws CBD oils contains some terpenes in the formula that good for cat’s overall wellbeing such as Linalool for control the normal regular stress, Limonene for promotes relaxed state, Camphene help reduce discomfort and keep the cat relaxed, etc.

Besides, it has some other terpenes for supporting immune system, extending the lifetime of cat, supporting joint mobility. Honest Paw CBD oil are full spectrum, third-party lab tested, herbicides and pesticides free. With all these benefits that it brings, this CBD oil definitely worth the top 1 on my list. After just a few weeks using this oil, you cat would stop the stress and anxiety-related behaviors.

#2 ThunderWunders Calming Cat Chews 

Best CBD Cat Treats 2022 - What are the Top 10 ? (Top Reviews)


Unlike the previous option, this CBD product is chewing form. This is the short-term solution for the stressful situations. For example, I usually give it for my dog when he is suddenly anxious such as visit to the veterinarian, during fireworks, traveling, storm, etc. Chewing can help keep your cat calm and ThunderWunders Calming Cat Chews is the great option to reduce anxiety in a safe way.

This CBD chews contains thiamine, L-tryptophan and chamomile, which are really good to help with stress and encourage the relaxation of cat. These treats are even recommended by vet for cat with anxiety. When I move my cat to a new home or when I take him to spa for pet, I also give him this chewing treats.

Not only good for health and promote relaxation, these treats also has the good taste of chicken flavor that your cat will love. They are made in USA, so you can rest your mind that this is the high quality, safety CBD products.

#3 The Anxious Pet Organic Hemp Oil


This is also one of my favorites CBD oil for adding to homemade CBD treats. Whenever I make cookies for my cat, I usually drop this oil to the recipe. It can help my cat relief from anxiety while him does not even notice. You can see the power and good effect of this oil to the cat health.

The biggest benefit of this CBD oil is that it helps keep the cat calm and reduce anxiety related behavior such as excessive grooming, aggressive behavior, scratching things, etc. It reduces Inflammation, simulate immune health, promote brain function of senior cat. Anxious Pet Hemp Oil also deal with seasonal allergies and skin irritation.

I totally rest in mind when serving this CBD oil since its formula is created by veterinarians. The oil contains 400 mg of CBD in a bottle. All the ingredients re 100%. The only drawback here is that this CBD oil is about $50, relatively expensive.

#4 GIVOL Hemp Oil Dogs Cats Fights Stress, Separation Anxiety & Improves Hip Joint Health


Givol create the peaceful buddy CBD oil especially for any cat who are suffering from separation anxiety, joint pain, and stress. Actually, I do not use this CBD oil regular for my cat as this is not the overall CBD for all purpose like other CBD oils in this list. This is made specifically for cat with physical and mental issues. So, if your cat does not need sedative properties, this is not the great option.

Givol Hemp Oil is 100% natural and organic, it is full spectrum CBD oil, third-party tested, THC free. All these things ensure it is completely safe and high quality. What I like most about this CBD oil is that it contains chamomile, frankincense oil in the formula. These herbal supplements will help encourage  the relaxed state. Chamomile is well known for its benefits as a mild sedative to calm nerves and reduce anxiety and stress.

Not only adding it to the cat food, it also can be used as a topical application. Apply it to the can skin can help heal cat’s wound, treat skin irritations, prevent skin infections and ease mouth sores.

#5 HolistaPet CBD Cat Treats

Most of the times, my cat is very picky with what he eats, so I had a tough time to convince him of eating CBD products. However, my cat loves this treat. HolistaPet CBD Cat Treats is the great way to makes your cat have a good appetite and also help him relieve anxiety and out of stress.

HolistaPet is a trustworthy company for producing pet’s CBD product. They only use organic and hight quality ingredients for their products, HolistaPet Cat treat is free of gluten, GMO, and grain. There are not any harmful ingredients, filler or preservative are added in this CBD treat. This full-spectrum treat is

made from completely hemp plants, which ensure your cat will receive all the benefits. Most of all, my cats love the salmon flavor of this treat, this is his favorite flavor and he crazy for it.

#6 cbdMD Pet CBD Oil Tincture for Cats


I have been used this CBD oil for my cat for such a long time as it is not easy to find the other organic CBD oil that is completely safe and comes with very affordable price like this one. Although the drawback of this oil is that it takes time to notice the effects, that means you cannot see the effect immediately right your cat eats it. However, this product is best for daily use and after a few days, I realize that my cat stopped his aggressive behavior and obsessive self-grooming.

This full-spectrum CBD oil is made of organic hemp that grown in the USA. It is also tested by third-party labs. It is free from artificial flavors, harmful chemicals, fillers. cbdMD research this formula to help assuage anxiety, keep the cat calm, promote brain function, support immune system, prevent inflammatory.

Not only reducing anxiety properties, I am also satisfied with their customer services. CbdMD offer 30 days money-back guarantee for their products. If you try to serve your cat this CBD oil but he does not like it for it does not work with your cat’s issues, you can receive your money back.

Things you need to know about CBD oil for cat with anxiety

How much CBD dosage should you give the cat with anxiety?

It is always better to get start by follow the instruction for use of manufacturer. Each manufacturer will have the different recommendation dosage for their CBD product. Basically, the starting dose would be 1 drop per time and twice per day. However, you also can increase the dose to 2 drops twice daily if you cannot notice the effect of the oil. However, keep the starting dose for at least 2-3 days before you increase it.

One thing to note that not all cats are the same, that means your cat may love the CBD oil and it may help keep him calm. On the other side, you also need to observe your cat reaction after feeding as he also might react negatively to CBD.

Instead of visit vet and take medicine, which is not guarantee to work and may even have side effects, CBD oil is seem a safer way to promote cat’s health. Not only that, using CBD oil for pet also It may help you save your time and the costs of visit vet’s office.

Is it safe to give human’s CBD oil to cat?

Yes, cat also can consume CBD for human. The fact that, many CBD brands create their CBD oil for pet according to human-grand, that means they use the ingredients that safe for human as well. Like humans, pets also can fact with symptoms like stress, anxiety, arthritis, muscle pain, and diabetes. Due to this CBD works as the same way as what it does for human. You can see a lot of CBD products such as CBD oil drops, capsules, and treats can use for both human and pets

Even though we and our cats can receive benefit from CBD, CBD for humans can help cats deal with pain, inflammation, and anxiety. But most pet CBD product’s manufacturers change their formula to ensure that these CBD products are extremely good and suitable for the cat health.

You also have to consider some important factors before serve human CBD oil for your pet:

Any CBD product that contains more than 0.3% THC in the formula can hurt your cat.

Always follow the manufacturer’s direction about dosage base on the cat’s weigh before increasing it.

Before giving human CBD to your cat, carefully read the label to know all the ingredient and consult your veterinarian.

Whether or not side effect of CBD for cats?

You will want to make sure that you only give your pet good things, this is why it is essential to spend your time researching about what you plant to give them and also the potential risk of CBD. The first thing you have to know is reduce the ricks is go for full spectrum, high quality and organic CBD oil. It should be better to trust on a reputable company. Organic is always best and safe. The products should be tested by third-party lab, free from additives, non-THC.

Although it is uncommon when it comes to side effects of CBD, you also should research about side effect before give your cat CBD oil. According to study, cats also can get side effects like humans if you feed them in wrong way. The side effects can be dry mouth, drowsiness, and a dropping in blood pressure. However, as long as you give your cat a low dose of CBD, you can reduce the risks and prevent side effects.

How CBD products can help cat with anxiety?

There are three type of herbs that are known as calming effect are CBD catnip, valerian, and chamomile. Many CBD manufactures add these calming herbs in their formula, which help encourage the cat relaxed state. The calming effects of these herbs is combine with cannabis will make a power remedy for anxiety issues.

The CBD oil and CBD creams also makes the great job of therapeutic for the mind and the body by massage. Therapeutic massage by CBD oil and cream provide a lot of benefits for relaxation such as reduce muscular tension, deeper breathing, calm nerves and mind, reduce aches and pains, etc.


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