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What type of pant you should not use for survival pant?

Having the best survival pants is one of the most critical elements of your plant to explore wildness. Apart from your shoes, the paint also interacts the most with environment. Many people make the mistake and have misconception about the types of pant to use as survival pant.

Some normal pants that not specially designed for survival instinct, it could be a bad idea to find survival clothing. Here are some pants that you should avoid when it comes to survival.

#1 Jeans

Jeans and joggers not designed to against a lot of environment elements that you encounter in a survival situation. They are quite easy to rip as they are caught in briars, thorns, and brush. Not only that, jeans are not water-resistant in the slightest, which can make you very hot in the warmer weather. It even can make you sweat and hypothermia in colder environments. Most survival pants undergo a special treatment and have a special coating, which will allow them to repel water.

Survival pants are designed to be soft, lightweight, flexible, breathable, while the jeans will restrict your movement more than the survival pants. The breathability encourages air circulation for your comfort when wearing survival pants.

Another thing that makes survival pants different from jeans that is many survival pants offer a padding or an extra layer in the knee and buttocks areas, where are usually contact with the hard ground.

#2 Camo survival pants

We all know that camo color will makes you feel more powerful and easier to hidden among the trees and. However, it is not a good ideal to wear a camo survival pants, you should be careful with your choice. In a survival situation, there is maybe the case that you are lost in the territory areas of someone or the military base.

People are conditioned to think that camo is a sign indicate possible expertise, training, well equipped. In other words, you may get trouble. You should choose the olive green or black pants, which helps you bend well in nature and do not cause any misunderstanding.

#3 The pains that are not suitable for the environment

Not all the survival pants are the same. Some pants are designed especially for hot and humid condition, while the others are better for cold and wet. It is best to look for pants that are designed for the temperature and environment you live or you intend to go for the trip.

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