What are the best climbing toys for rats?

Rats are not only intelligent animals; these furry little friends are also extremely active and naturally curious. Therefore, you should give them some type of climbing toys, which can satisfy their desire to active and explore. Climbing toys will keeps your rats always happy and entertained.

The best rat toys will helps get rid of boredom, keep the rats busy in the cage, prevent the rats from destructive behaviour and destroying habitat. Climbing toys provides many beneficial for the rat physical and well-being. There are several types of climbing toys out there such as ramp, hammock, stairs, etc. It is important to know what is high quality, durable and 100% safe for the rat.

#1 Niteangel Small Animal Activity Toy Cotton Rope Nets

The Niteangel Small Activity Toy is a combination of climbing toy and entertainment center. There is nothing complicate about this toy, its construction is simple a rope net. It is also easy to install and use. But it brings many benefits. The Niteangel Small Activity Toy will keep your pets entertained, being active and provide a chance to create a bone between you and your pets.

Climbing activities helps get rid of boredom and provide opportunity for safe physical activity. Additionally climbing even help rats keeps their nails in check. This product is totally made from cotton rope only, that means there is no any toxic or harmful material, it is 100% safe for your rats. The rope is intertwined for easy climbing. It measures 13.4 x 8.3, what make it is large enough for more than one rat to climb at the same time.

You can mount the rope net to the cage by metal clips includes. It is very easy to attach and detach the clips, it allows you to install the net wherever you want in the cage. It is a small tip that you can attach two cargo nets together, this will make the challenge harder for the rat. Moreover, you can connect the net with the rope bridge, due to this, the rats can move from the net to another place in the cage. It is the good way to create a playground for your pet.

What I like about this rope net is its versatility features. You can hang it vertically down from the top of the cage to make a climbing wall or hang it horizontally in the cage to make a hammock. You can hang it the way you want due to the clips. By this way, you can chance the environment for your rat without buying new toys.

#2 Trixie Suspension Bridge with Hammock

Rats are the fully curious animals, they always want to explore the environment surrounding. The Trixie suspension bridge is not only a single toy, it provides an intrepid adventurer and play-ground for your little friends. It is a multiple features toy as it includes a rope ladder, suspension bridge, hoop and rope ring, all in one pack.

This exercise room will really promote the rat’s muscles. Its material is natural wood and rope, what make it 100% safe for your pet and even if they chew on these toys. Although chewing is good for the dental health of your rat, it is better to to check the accessory whenever you give it for your pets to look for signs of wear and tear.

There is also a fluffy hammock includes, where your pet can relax and take a rest after workout. Your rats will enjoy taking a nap on this hammock. The hammock is made from trimmed nylon and is lined with a layer of soft polyester fleece. The materials make it quite durable and easy to clean. Generally, I am surely that your pet will love this cozy, comfortable hammock.

There is a thing to consider is the size of product. This multiple toy requires quite large space to install. So, it more suitable for a larger rat cage with multiple rats use at the same time.

#3 ForHe Pet Ladders, Chew Climbing Toy for Small Pet Animal

This toy from ForHe is specially designed for small animals such as Hamster, Mouse, Rat, Mice, Chinchilla, guinea pig and etc. It comes with the brightly, vivid color, which will attract the rats and make them curious about it.

It is designed to encourage healthy, safe activity like climbing, hiding and playing on it. It is made from environmental PVC materials. It is 100% animal-safe, there is no harm, non-toxic chemical is added. However, it is better to check and keep an eye on your rats to prevent them chew on it. It also easy to disassemble and assemble. What I like most is that this ForHer company guarantee to return your money within 30 days if you do not satisfy about the product.

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