Top 10 Best MSNL Seeds: MSNL Seeds Reviews 2020

#1 MSNL Auto Blue Dream

It is a very high-quality strain that is the cross of two other plant names,
Being the California blue dream and the overseas plane that can withstand harsh weather types and handpicked in some of Asia and eastern Europe cannabis Ruderalis. The THC content in auto blue dream varies from 13% – 15%
And has a flowering time between 8 to 10 weeks.
it is a very nice plant that can be grown inside/out-doors
The stable and best harvesting time for these plans in between the times from July to September with the 60-100cm in height of the plant.

#2 MSNL Og Kush

It is on of the legendary strains with all of the beautiful crystals on the nice bus and the firm tightness from its ways of compacting and the lemony flavor of the bud this is one that has the contents of haveing 19%-22% THC and the growing time for this plant to flower is in the range varying from 10-12 weeks this is a plant that can be grown indoors and outdoors and most of all have a specific harvest time: October this plant does consist of both Indica and Sativa
property this is one of the strains that is a must-have in the arsenal.

#3 MSNL mango seeds

There are one of the best universal seeds you can grow these seeds indoors/outdoors, and one of the awesome bonuses that you get with this plant is the product the buds that the plant produces are very big rather huge.
And for the icing on the cake, they have beautiful colors and pack a wonderful taste from bubble gum flavors to even juicy fruit.
The THC content is a staggering 15% – 18% and has a wonderful flowering time of 8-10weeks harvest time for this wonderful product is
late September.

#4 MSNL purple Kush

That is and was originally originated in California for more of the recreational
users and also more for the medical benefits that came acquired with this specific plant. The buds that are produced have a strong body and benefits the best strains it has are its an extremely wonderful pain reliever the plant is used mainly for relaxation considering that it’s defined as Indica when in use the effects make you feel very heavy and so the stone is every intence. The THC content in 20% plus and the flowering period is between 8 – 10 weeks the plant can be grown indoors and outdoors and grows between the heights of 100cm – 180cm

#5 Durban Poison

This is known for its cool name, is an all Sativa plant this plant has ever been crossbred with staggering THC levels between 17%-20%, although with these high THC amounts these have been a record of the plant producing up to 26%. The flowering time for this amazing plant is 12-14 weeks and the harvest time is in Mid October. This plant reaches staggering heights ranging from 180cm – 220cm the color of the bud this plant produces is a light green and they are very thick and condensed.

#6 MSNL Northern lights

MSNL seeds are very known for their abundance of flower and leaf quantity. This particular plant is an Indica plant and it has the best strand of
winning the Indica Cup in the years 1988, 89, and 1990
this plant has a THC content ranging between 15% and 19% with a wonderful flowering time of 8 to 10 weeks with an aggressive height of 100cm to 180cm this plant is only grown indoors and the time to harvest this beautiful plant of its buds is in Late September.

#7 Old Skool MSNL seeds

this strain speaks for its self this plant is used recreational an is the original bud for the past generations one of those plants where people can have fun at the time when its potency didn’t mater it was just all about the good times. The THC contents of the old skool bud are between 10% to 14% and have a harvest time in Mid October with the flowering times between 12 to 14 weeks the effects of using old skool consist of having fun and keeping ahold of all the good times the plant grows in heights of 180cm to 220 cm.

#8 Sour Diesel MSNL seeds

Is a legend in the cannabis industry overpowering other buds due to its potency that consists of levels of 19% – 22% this plant originated along the east coast and this and this one plant has taken the cannabis industry for a ride in the 1990s this strain is a crossbreed from the two stands Chewdog 91 and Skunk. the effects that you get when in use with sour diesel this bud is a strong hitter inhale to a cerebral level of high straight to a creative passionate level of high.

#9 Granddaddy purple MSNL seeds

also known as GDP is another wonderful strain that has evolved over the course of time. This plant taking after its mother and father have a lot of characters this plant has large buds that are covered in wonderful colors of purple and are very dense to the eye and feel. this plant is an Indica with the THC levels between 21% and going over 27% this plant can be grown indoors and outdoors with a flowering process time of 10 – 12 weeks the wonderful and beautiful plant has a harvest time that comes in early October and this particular plant has the height ranging from 100cm – 180cm.

#10 Black Domina MSNL seeds

is a plant that was cultivated from the afghan hash plant northern lights and Canadian Ortega. The THC levels in black domina are a high level of 19% to 22% and the time of year that the plant is harvested is in late September. This plant came into creation because people were looking for a true hybrid plant. when this plant is in use there are no potential side effects the plant is safe unique and the only one of its kind. the height of the plant is 100cm to 180cm.