What are the best large cage for hamster?

Although hamsters are small animal, they are fully curious creature, they are active and move around a lot. Thus, hamster also requires plenty room in the enclosure. Even the smallest breed of hamsters should not be kept in the cage that too small.

Since hamsters are very active, it is recommended to provide the best hamster cage that large enough for exercise, climbing, playing, burrowing. Besides, to support their natural requirements and behaviours you also need to place many accessories in the cage such as food bowl, running wheel, toys, hidden place, etc. Due to these reasons, it is always better to go for the large hamster cage.

#1 Living World Deluxe Habitat

If you are really serious about keeping a hamster, you should purchase on Living World Deluxe Habitat as it is one of the best Hamster cage on the market now. There is nothing complicate about this cage with the upper part of metal wire and the lower part is solid plastic base. This cage will provide a comfortable home for hamster and also a nice looking item for your house.

It is designed with a luxurious balcony and under the balcony is a cozy hidden place, where the hamster can stay inside when they have stressed out.

Additionally, there are a dish and water bottle includes. The dish is attached to the balcony that cannot be flip and less cleaning for you. The hybrid cage means that it can be take a part so you can easy clean the cage. It is made from wire frame with a plastic base, makings it one of the most durable but lightweight cage out there.

The water bottle included is placed on the outside of the cage, what will help save the living space of the hamster. It measures 46 x 22 x 24, it is one of the biggest cage for hamster.

#2 Prevue Pet Products 528 Universal Small Animal Home

Prevue Pet Products Small Animal Home is the good ideal if you are looking for the large cage with highly stylish design. Not only the visually, this cage is highly appreciated as the best overall cage. It provides fully access for the owner as you can easily reach the inside for feeding or grabbing your hamster thanks to the two large doors on the side and roof.

The bar spacing is ⅜ inches, this is the ideal to ensure that your hamster won’t be stranded and cannot be able to escape from his home. Prevue cages have been undergone independent lab testing, which ensure its good quality, protect your pet from any household pets.

Besides, it features the extra deep 6 ¼ tubby base, that means you can add lots of bedding into the cage and allows you hamster to dig and burrow inside.

#3 Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage

What I like about this Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage is that it includes almost what you need to completely setup a hamster habitat. The cage comes with a lot of accessorise such as tunnels, exercise wheel, two houses, a penthouse, a water bottle and more.

It also has a bright and colorful appear, which make the cute item for your house decoration. Savic makes the extremely study cage for your Syrian or dwarf hamsters. Its construction includes tubes, balconies, and hideaways, so you do not need to purchase on many other items. This cage will ensure the safety of your hamster as it features 9.5 mm bar spacing, which keeps prevent hamster from escaping. The only drawback of this cage is that you will have to pay the high price for this cage, but under the proper maintenance and regular cleaning can last fro very long time use. It will give you the value that worth your money.

#4 Amazon Basics Small Animal Cage Habitat With Accessories

This cage measures 1,7 L 21,8 W x 18,1 H inch, what provide plenty room for your hamster with very affordable price. It is not an easy task to get the cage that is cheap but still roomy like this one from Amazon Basics. It features balcony with an access ramp, a tip-proof food dish and non-drip water bottle. It includes most basic things you need for the hamster home.