What are different types of cage for crested gecko?

So you are looking into getting a crested gecko? Created geckos are not picky animals as they are quite easy to house and have adapted fairly well to living in captivity. However, if you are new to the hobby, you may get confuse when choosing the right cage for them.

Before get inti the details of the size of the cage, you should know more about the types of enclosures there exist. This post ae about the different types of cage there are available for crested geckos.

#1 Terrarium

Terrariums are really a great option to house crested gecko. It is a glass enclosure. There are some popular brands of crested gecko terrariums that will offer the quality cage I would like to recommend to you are Exo-terra and Zoo Med. They produce terrarium for both young and adult crested geckos.

The best crested gecko terrarium usually includes ample ventilation, a bottom glass tray to hold substrate, and front opening doors for easy access. Most terrarium have a purely decorative or ornamental function.

If you are a beginner, there are some terrariums are sold as starter kits. They come with a nice background, some décor, plant and even substrate. These terrariums will be your most expensive option for your crested gecko cage but the price is more than worth the quality.

#2 Vivarium

Vivarium is the most correctly term of reptile cage. Though many people refer to their reptiles’ homes as terrariums, the truth is once the cage is established it’s a vivarium. Genẻally specking, a terrarium is a glass container for growing plants in, whereas a vivarium is an enclosure in which animals live.

The vivarium can be made of any material and mimic the natural habitat of the crested gecko. Vivarium also comes in many different sizes. You can get a small or large vivarium, depending on the size of the animal, the number of animals and your personal preference.

#3 Screen or mesh cage

Screen cage is often use for housing rodent animal but you also can use it for crested gecko as well. Screen or mesh cage will have a plastic or aluminium frame. And then a screen is pulled over this frame. The most advantage of this cage is well ventilated. Mesh can be made of fiberglass, nylon or plastic. It is also easy to mist.