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Best chicken plucker: Yardbird 21833 VS. Kitchener FP100

Plucking chickens can be a nasty experience for everyone. This process not only brings hassle but also take you a lot of time and effort. This is when the chicken plucker comes to handle. This device can turn hours long of plucking chicken into a few short seconds.

The best chicken plucker can remove all the feathers on chickens of all sizes in a short time. There are not very many different products of chicken plucker are available o the market. However, you also can find the right plucker depend on our review below. This post is about the comparison of Yardbird 21833 VS. Kitchener FP100.

#1 Power

This is the most important factor when considering the chicken plucker.  With a robust 1.5 HP motor and a maximum 300 RPMs for a quick, Yardbird plucker can de-feathering a chicken clean in less than 15 seconds. It is perfect for pluck ducks and hens. 

But you should take note that, do not use it for any things that above 20 pounds, since this is the most that Yardbird can handle.

Kitchener plucker comes with 1.2 hp motor and made of solid 304 stainless steel. It is powerful enough to defeater a bird in roughly 15 to 30 seconds. You also be able to pluck tow large chickens at the same time. Although Kitchener is not as powerful as Yardbird, it can get the job done perfectly.

#2 Fingers

The fingers will determine how quickly and effectively the chicken plucker can do. Normally, the more fingers a plucker has the quicker the plucker is. The finger also has to hardness enough to clean all the feathers and softness enough to not tear the chicken skin.

Yardbird plucker has 110 rubber fingers on the sides and the bottom of the drum that ensures the feathers will be removed effectively. You also can replace the finger if you need it. However, these fingers are reviewed as very durable.

Kitchener contains 92 slot finers. With a rating of 55 on the hardness level, which helps you effortlessly remove the feathers.

#3 Irrigation

It is the factor that makes the plucker easy to clean and maintain. Yardbird has the irrigation system that water constantly flowing into the drum while the machine is running and flushes feathers out the drum.

However, the Kitchener does not contain the irrigation feature this is the drawback of this product.

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