Best bedding for leopard geckos: Critters Comfort Coconut Bedding vs VIVA Choose-A-Sheet Paper Towels

Bedding for leopard geckos is absolutely important when you decide to keep them because the bed bedding can lead to the risk of skin disease, irritation, impaction and even death for your pets. This is why you should take your time to carefully choose the best bedding for leopard geckos.

These following are our recommendations about 2 safe bedding for leopard gecko: Critters Comfort Coconut Reptile Bedding vs VIVA Choose-A-Sheet* Paper Towels.

 #1 Non-toxic Material

There is nothing worth considering than the health of your leopard geckos, so it is important to choose the leopard gecko bedding that safe for them. Carefully check before buying to ensure the bedding does not contain any harmful toxins.

Critters comfort coconut bedding is made of 100% refined organic coconut coir. It is natural and has no risk of chemical to harm your leopard geckos.

Although Viva paper towels, not a natural material and not specifically made for leopard gecko it does not mean that it is harmful. Paper tower is also the safe option to use as bedding especially for baby leopard gecko since there is no risk of impaction from this bedding. It is cheap and available everywhere that you can easily find. It also confirms an odor-free.

#2 Absorbent and maintain humidity

These things are absolutely needed to consider when choosing a leopard gecko substrate. The best bedding will good at absorbing urine and odor. If it is not, the leopard gecko’s cage will have bed smell of their waste. Good absorbent bedding means that it is also good at maintaining humidity as well.

Critters comfort bedding has the incredible ability to absorb of coconut coir, so it superb odor control. This bedding can be able to retain and break down moisture as well.

The feature of paper towels is it can hold humidity very well. Maintaining moisture that beneficial for pets but it is not really good at odor control.

#3 Easy to clean and replace

The outstanding point of VIVA paper towel is that it is easy to replace. Once your leopard geckos release their waste, you can simply replace this paper towel sheet. This work is much easier than replacing the loose substrate.

Besides, replacing the entire bedding means that there is no pieces of waste are left in the cage. So there is no chance of the bacteria survive and you can easy to keep the tank very pure with this paper towel.

However, the drawback when using paper material is that it is cannot last for long. You will need to replace it more frequently than other materials.

Critters coconut bedding can be spot cleaned daily and replace it for once per month. This bedding is more stable than a paper towel; you do not need to change it constantly. It establishes a perfectly hygienic ground for your leopard geckos.

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